Monday, March 29, 2010


My first real experience with a GPS (Global Positioning System) was on a trip with a friend. It absolutely amazed me to see it work by receiving signals from satellites in space and triangulating our position here on earth. As I watched this device work, I thought of how it is like the Gospel.
The GPS is not like the Gospel in that it is from man, yet the Gospel is from God. It is subject to changes, but the Gospel is not. It can be wrong, but the Gospel is always right. However, there are some ways in which these two are similar.
  • Both look up for direction. One looks to satellites, and the other to God.
  • Both tell you where you are (whether you like the answer or not). One tells you where you are on the earth, and the other tells where you are spiritually.
  • Both tell you how to get where you need to go.
  • Both can be ignored or rejected. Anyone who has ever used a GPS has heard the familiar word, "Recalculating" when they deviated from the charted route. When one deviates from God's course, he must repent and get back on course or he will end up being lost.
Are you trying to go to Heaven? Use the right GPS... God's Plan to Save!

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