Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Is Too Short

I'm back! I bet you wondered where I was. Well, I have been busy trying to get the new year in swing here in Doniphan. Yet, it is good to get back to the blog. I hope some of you have not totally given up on me yet. Today I have some random thoughts about life.

Life is too short...

... to put up with nonsense.
... to be controlled by anger, a bad attitude, or pettiness.
... for holding a grudge.
... to neglect your family.
... to put off doing what needs to be done.
... to mope all the time.
... to not talk to someone about their soul's condition and your Savior.
... to waste time in sin.
... and, of course, to neglect God.

Life goes by so quickly. As most of you know, last year both of our daughters were married. Now we have two fantastic sons-in-law. It is difficult to see how fast time is moving when we are rearing our children, and most people are amazed at how quickly those years are over. We all have so much to look forward to in this life and in the life to come that it would be a shame to needlessly squander it. One of life's great skills is the ability to spend it on the truly important things. Life is too short to not live it abundantly (John 10:10).

I hope you have a wonderful 2008!